Company bios & projects

DESCRIPTION: We are a technology start-up that offers cutting-edge solutions to hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies. Our current focus is to build a next-generation search and recommendation engine for clinical trials to match patients with life-saving experimental treatments.


  1. Using multidimensional patient similarity analysis to predict the best next-inline treatment for cancer patients.
  2.  Establish a ranking algorithm for dynamically filtered clinical trails search results


DESCRIPTION: Contack is the first market network in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. It is a multi-side platform with agents working remotely, startup, SME and BPO companies who want to outsource customer services with a cloud Business Process as a service model.


  1. Conduct a Technological due diligence in the Cloud Contact center space to assess the best candidate solutions to adopt and integrate (Great hackers welcome!)
  2. Devise a primary market research and a go-to-market strategy with Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to assess strengths and opportunities (marketing and sales magicians welcome!)


DESCRIPTION:  Squiggle is a matching platform that connects beginning financial advisors to low- and medium-income clients to make quality financial advice accessible to everyone.


  1. We would like to get help from a full-stack engineer on developing our iOS prototype.
  2. We would like to get help from a full-stack engineer on developing our web prototype.
  3. We would like to get help from a UI/UX designer on iOS and web design of Squiggle platform.


DESCRIPTION: Aloha is sparking the social mindfulness movement with a mobile app that helps you keep in touch with the people that matter most to you. Our MVP addresses the problems of prioritizing who to keep in touch with, visualizing the current state of relationships, and helping seamlessly reach-out to contacts.


  1. (The Product): We have just launched our MVP on Apple Testflight and are looking for help to collect user feedback and decide how to integrate this feedback into the product (e.g., feature roadmap, UX improvements, bug fixes).
  2. (The Movement): Our vision is to bring social mindfulness to the masses and the purpose of this project is to develop a strategy for sparking the movement (e.g., how have others sparked movements and how should we spark ours).


DESCRIPTION: Robotic Bartender for the “Drinker Tinkerer”!  With a few hand tools a fun weekend project results in a unique home automated bartender capable of mixing thousands of cocktails.


  1. Technical: We’ve sold and delivered a dozen SirMixABot 1.0 units to customers around the world, and we’re now deep in prototyping SMAB 2.0 – we’re looking for additional firmware engineerand software developerskillsets to bring everything together.
  2. Pricing/Marketing: Both the smart appliance and craft cocktail scene are exploding in the US, Southeast Asia, and beyond – we’re looking to finalize sales platforms, confirm $ / featurepricing, and develop effective ad content
  3. Supply Chain:  Distribution will be key when we move from early adopters to larger consumer base – we’re looking to develop light manufacturingand bundling/shipping from overseas directly to consumer (i.e. China, where “off the shelf” parts come from).


DESCRIPTION: Instacam is a live video streaming company founded by graduates of MIT and Carnegie Mellon. Our mission is to give anyone with a smartphone the ability to see or experience anything without physically being there.


  1. Work directly with our CTO to develop and launch an amazing iOS and Android app. Mobile development experience required.
  2. Product Manager internship. Helping manage our offshore developers. Product testing including QA and QC testing.
  3. All things business including, primary market research and user acquisition strategy. Final product is a full business plan.


DESCRIPTION: PeepsHub is a personalized relationship management tool that empowers you to track social connections, manage future interactions, and stay engaged. It enables users to build more meaningful relationships through outsourcing logistical challenges and avoiding static communication.


  1. The role is cross-functional and market-driven, focusing on customer needs, priorities, and product roadmap
  2. Working closely on the product, the applicant will focus on building a wireframe prototype, user interface, and technology strategy.
  3. The role focuses on structuring a go-to-market strategy and evaluating different business models for scalability.


DESCRIPTION: Floe is creating a safe, cost-effective, automated, and environmentally-friendly solution that prevents the extensive damage caused by ice dams to buildings in the winter.


  1. We are looking for a creative student(s) who can assist us with market sizing by creating an innovative approach that takes into account several major indicators, such as competitors’ sales and insurance claims, to form a single value estimate.
  2. We are looking for a student(s) who has an interest or experience in sales to help shape our go-to-market strategy by conducting a cost-conversion analysis for several distribution channels and making an informed recommendation on which should be our main focus to maximize our initial sales revenue.
  3. We are looking for a driven student(s) who has experience with fundraising or who is/hopes to be well-connected in the startup ecosystem to help us identify and apply for new grants, competitions, awards, and other funding sources that will be critical for getting to market.


DESCRIPTION: AILATI is a marketplace for luxury Italian craftsmen to go direct to consumers, offering a 1-to-1 artisan service. AILATI will open the door of every traditional Bottega and let consumers meet our artisans and products, through a compelling storytelling, catching photos and captivating videos.


  1. Product Manager Intern: take ownership of our online platforms, develop the key features to make the marketplace awesome and user-friendly
  2. Marketing Intern: help us creating our marketing strategy, from the identification of our customer persona, to the design of marketing campaigns and the development of key insights using data analytics
  3. Finance Intern: perform market research and build a financial plan, taking part of strategic choices on pricing and distribution


DESCRIPTION: Qntafi is a financial intelligence venture that aims to empower average individual investors to leverage the stock market for generating profits, without taking on too much risk. Our advanced algorithms and data products use big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict stock market movements and generate stock recommendations with guaranteed profits, for our customers.


  1. We are looking for student(s) with technical backgrounds specifically in machine learning/deep learning along with above average python coding skills. This student will work on refining our existing ML/DL models for stock movement prediction and scale up their application to all sectors.
  2. We are looking for students to develop a forward and back testing framework to evaluate the quality of our predictive models by testing them on real world data. This student would have data analysis and coding skills. Familiarity with working in AWS environment and scripting skills in a linux/unix environment would be required.
  3. We are looking for students with a business background who would help us with market sizing for our product, understanding the competitive landscape and help create business plans for the future.


DESCRIPTION: We are developing a platform for early stage creators. Given that the future of work lies at the intersection of digital and physical, we are creating a modern workspace empowered by a new type of digital professional network. Through the use of data and analytics frameworks we plan to infer relationships from our members to promote meaningful relationships and personalized insights repository so that our members can be more productive and successful.


  1. Structure and analyze the TAM and Go-To-Market Strategy for our secondary target market. AirDoor’s beachhead market is Pre-Seed, Seed & Series A funded startups led by young professionals looking to work amongst like-minded individuals. This entails end-to-end analysis:Point of Departure -> Go-To-Market System -> Point of Arrival
  2.  Help lead the design development of our preliminary mobile application. We will follow the PR FAQ model instituted by large tech companies. The deliverable will be a product roadmap and design for a customer centric solution optimizing for frictionless creation of a digital (shareable id), a rudimentary CRM component (for notes audit), and a company directory.


DESCRIPTION: 96% of accidents in the ocean are due to human error and cost billions to companies on top of the environmental cost and the potential loss of lives. blkSAIL’s mission is to change the maritime industry as we know it to make it more environment friendly, cost effective, and risk-free. Our beach-head market is autonomy and captain assistance software that reduces collision risks and cognitive load on the crew.


  1. the future of shipping: Plan the next steps of maritime shipping, explore the economics of always sailing carriers, supply vessels, and just-in-time shipping, find and explore the key stakeholders.
  2. streamlining the sales process: So far, blkSAIL only got 2 clients through cold emails and networking, which isn’t “scale-able”. Develop a new process to reach out to customers and partners and ease them through the sales funnel until a deal is signed.
  3. build a simulation environment for testing and proving the autonomy algorithms are compliant with the maritime rules of the road. The simulator will then be used to develop new algorithms based on reinforcement learning.


DESCRIPTION: Hometrust is a p2p home financing startup based out of Harvard University. Our web-based model gives sellers the option to cut banks out of the financing of home sales. Hometrust’s growing team consists of experienced attorneys, software engineers, economists, and university professors.


  1. Collaborate with our team to create a strong pitch deck.
  2. Help us develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy.
  3. Help us develop and begin execution of a marketing strategy for our summer pilot program.


We’re developing a device that leverages recent advances in computer vision, deep learning, and sensing to automate the detection and removal of weeds on farms, thereby alleviating the farm labor shortage and reducing herbicide use by up to 90%, while additionally collecting crop stress data that allows for input optimization.


  1. Deep Learning framework development for image processing OR technical hardware development.
  2. Perform market and user research in the agriculture space around various financing models for new agricultural  machinery, in addition to mapping what types of application equipment (e.g. sprayers) are used in different market segments.
  3. Go to market strategies for agriculture machinery and robotics companies.

Emerging Response

DESCRIPTION: Emerging Response’s IncidentAlly monitors First Responder activity and communications to provide Emergency Management and Public Safety officials with enhanced situational awareness during an emergency – such as three-alarm fires, medical calls, and downed power lines.


  1. Public Safety Go-to-Market – Our pilot customers are extremely excited about our technology.  Research the broader market, determine which value proposition to tackle first, and develop a go-to-market strategy. (Business Development, Marketing, MBA)
  2. Hardware/Software Radios – Using software radio systems, create a small application that monitors a set of frequencies and decodes audio. (Software, EE/Radio)
  3. Location/Entity Extraction – Given the transcript of a first responder dispatch transmission, determine if a location was provided and if so, where the incident is. (Software, NLP)


DESCRIPTION: Yoliti is a unique hardware device that combines play with learning to reinforce science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts in children aged 6-10.


  1. Hardware design development. We are looking for student ‘makers’ that are interested in hardware design for an educational device in children.
  2. Learning games development.  We are looking for students with interest in mobile game development; at the intersection between gamification and education in STEM.


DESCRIPTION: Point predicts what you’re likely to say and helps you write it immediately in your own voice. We help customer support agents, sales reps and recruiters re-use their old emails to reply to their emails.


  1. we’re looking for marketing and sales help to help us scale up onboarding more users.
  2. we’re looking for help with question-answer text retrieval.


DESCRIPTION: A Techstars Boston 2019 company, Drag is a universal shared inbox, in G Suite, for teams to manage emails, tasks, sales, customer support and other workflows from one single place.


  1. Define and systemize internal procedures for the company to gather, track, report, visualize and generate insights across different types of data, ranging from in-app user activity to sales funnel optimization. For students interested in data analytics and business strategy.
  2. Definition of new SEO strategy, including keyword targeting, competitive analysis and landing pages ranking optimization. SEO is one of Drag’s main acquisition channels and there is plenty of data available for analysis. For students interested in quantitative marketing.